Portable Ventilator – CE Certified

1. Small size, light weight, light and portable
2. Pneumatic electric control, suitable for adults and children
3. High-brightness LCD display, convenient touch keys and shuttle knob operation
4. Backup power
5. Oxygen concentration adjustment function
6. Sound and light three-level alarm
7. Applicable to emergency transfer, emergency department, internal medicine, surgery, ICU and other departments
8. Optional mobile cart
9. Optional portable mobile steel frame
10. CE certified

Main Technical Parameters

  • Ventilation mode: volume mode, synchronization mode, sigh mode, spontaneous breathing, apnea backup ventilation, pressure limitation, etc.
  • Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiratory rate, airway pressure, trigger pressure, oxygen concentration monitoring, pressure-time waveform, velocity-time waveform, volume-time waveform
  • Alarm parameters: upper and lower limits of tidal volume, upper and lower limits of airway pressure, minutes, upper limit of ventilation, lower limit, upper limit of oxygen concentration, lower limit, low battery power, battery exhaustion, power failure alarm, etc.

Other Details
Type: Breathing Apparatus, Breathing Apparatus
Instrument classification: Class II
Warranty: 1 year
After-sale Service: Online Technical Support
Product name: Cpap Machine
Size: 255*170*112mm (Host+Humidifier)
Weight: 1.8kg
Sound level: <30dBA
Pressure Range: 4-20CM H2O


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